I partner with non-profits, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to create effective, thoughtful, and memorable products and experiences. 


I take the time to learn what inspires you, and what motivates your audience. Armed with that information, I find joy in identifying and creating a visual language that connects with who you're looking to reach. 

Deliverables: Curation, graphic design, style guides, mood boards, brochures, business cards, menus, wedding invitations, collateral, product design. 

Skills: Critical analysis, listening, creative thinking, presentation.

Tools: Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.


I ensure that your business' online experiences logically flow from one step to the next, and create engaging visual layouts that encourage your audiences along a goal-oriented path in a beautiful, delightful way.

Deliverables: Wireframes of screens, storyboards, sitemaps, information architecture, prototypes for developers. 

Skills: Empathy,  listening, logic, architectural thinking

Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, User Research, User Testing


I help to connect the sometimes illusive dots between marketing goals and the necessary tools and technology behind them. I work with you and your business to solve complex marketing and technology challenges.

Deliverables: Formal marketing plans, analytics reviews, campaign strategy, email marketing strategy.  

Skills: Organization, listening, critical analysis. 

Tools: Google Analytics, market research, business plans and goals. 


Recent Commissions



It should be enough that, as a designer Meg Kemp is responsive, professional, and kind - but Meg also has an eye for clarity, space, and subtle artistry: a rarity. I came to her with giant squares of art, 32 track names for an album, thanks and credits, and a mood, and she helped me through a long process of producing the graphic style of a tape. As I hold the plastic in my hands now, I am still impressed by the load of visual information she was able to satisfyingly convey on this small rectangle. The tape, as with the rest of her work, plainly speaks for itself.
— James Young, Executive Director of Mind on Fire; Independent Composer
Meghan is an exemplary leader and creative. Her ability to think big combined with her dedication to high-quality output is so rare. A true visionary, she is as forward-thinking in her solutions as she is in her strategy. Meghan brings intelligence, energy, thoughtfulness and expertise to every project. She is a professional of the highest caliber.
— Anna Fitzgibbon, Founder, Outgrowth
Meg’s dedication and expertise was the reason our team became the head of UX/UI direction for our organization. She lead development teams with compassion, designed with empathy and above all created an atmosphere of collaboration and openness that created success for our team. If you’re considering working with Meg on any project, there’s really nothing to consider: it’s an obvious yes.
— Joell Shepperson, Co-Founder, Shepp.It

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