I love collaborating with others to bring awareness to great work, products, businesses, and campaigns. Originally a graphic designer by trade, I have expanded this expertise across a variety of roles.

I have experience in exhibition design, web design, print design, and software application design. This diverse background has taught me how to work with many personality types - bridging the traditional chasm between business, creative, and technical minds.

I am extremely organized and prompt, and am comfortable taking the lead on projects or falling back to support others in need. I practice a servant-leader work-style, and always approach problems from a facilitative mind-set. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any potential collaboration, be in local or international.

Background and Education

I hold a dual degree in Aesthetics and Art History from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

I busted my curatorial practice chops at the Slought Foundation, a non-profit organization  in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Practice and Policy that engages publics in dialogue about cultural and socio-political change, often through contemporary visual and performative art exhibitions.